University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Campus Walk



I live about five minutes from UNC Chapel Hill campus, so a walk near Franklin Street is nothing out of the ordinary for me. However, today I decided to bring my camera along. I never realized just how spectacular some areas around the campus are, especially during these spring months. I highly recommend visiting this campus if you’re touring colleges at the moment like me.

Coker Arboretum

Coker Arboretum is a campus favorite. These gardens will send your mind into a state of relaxation, and are perfect for a picnic with friends. The Gardens are filled with open fields, plenty of flowers, and an astonishing trellis that extends through the length of the garden.

The Old Well

The Old Well is a UNC tradition, where students drink from the ancient pipes to get luck in order to pass their classes. The taste of the water may not be great, but it’s the outcome that counts. The fields that lead up to the Old Well are just as magical, and should not be missed.

Xo, M.


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