Trip to Washington, D.C.

Over Martin Luther King weekend, I traveled to Washington, D.C. with my parents. Not knowing what to expect, I was floored with the energy of the city, without it being insanely polluted or grimy.


We started the trip by visiting the Holocaust Museum, which was emotionally draining. The experience begins with everyone receiving a “passport” of an actual person who lived during the Holocaust. At each floor of the museum (there are three in all), you find out something new about your person- all leading up to their survival or death, which makes the experience even more realistic and unsettling. These exhibits are exquisitely built. While they are chalk full of information, the appearance gives the same effect. Personally, I thought the most intense exhibit is that of the shoes collected from the prisoners of the concentration camps. I HIGHLY recommend a visit to this museum.

After it began to snow, we took cover in the Shake Shack, a burger joint well established in the city. The food was superb, but the restaurant fell short in seating availability.

shake shack

When the snow slowed down, we decided to explore the monuments offered in the city. The Lincoln Memorial didn’t disappoint, and the Vietnam War Memorial was beautifully symbolic. Once we admired the Washington Monument and its reflective pool, we took a stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue- sadly, we didn’t see Obama.

On a whim, we set out to the Natural History Museum. This experience was completely worth the walk! Every exhibit is well thought out and energetic- very impressed.


Overall, the trip was amazing. I hope I’ve sold you on this experience, and given you a few ideas on how to spend your time there!

xo, M.


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