For my birthday, my sister gave me a small journal to fill with anything and everything. Initially, I sketched in the journal, and made a few collages. However, with the stress of a new school year I began expressing my feelings in the journal- which encouraged me to start up my blog again, as I forgot my love of writing!

There is an abundance of research proving the health benefits of journaling. For one, science has shown that regular writing in a diary strengthens immune cells. Also, it reduces asthma and arthritis. Altogether, it is a fantastic outlet for stress- drastically improving your mental health.


I tend to write about things that make me happy in my life, and I have begun writing entries about significant days (how I felt, what I did, etc.)that I know I will want to remember 10 years from now. I write down everything I want to express the day it happens- so I don’t forget a thing! For example, I thoroughly wrote down everything that happened in a recent monumental day I had- my confirmation retreat. This day actually felt more important than my actual confirmation into the Catholic church. In addition to writing about the day, I make sure to add pieces into my journal to remind me of something special that occurred during the event (a flower petal, a pamphlet, a letter, etc.), which I simple tape or glue down. Other than writing about a certain time, I write about things I feel passionately towards. This has ranged from articles about how Mindy Kaling is a goddess, all the way to how much I love plants. I adore journaling because you can actually choose ANYTHING to write about.


I encourage all of you to express your feeling through a journal- you won’t regret it!

xo, M.



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