DIY Style Bulletin Board

Recently, I decided I wanted to redecorate my bedroom. When creating pieces to hang on the walls, I wondered what I would do with my old bulletin board. In years past, I have mostly filled it with family photos and random inspirational quotes. I debated just throwing the bulletin board out altogether, but instead, I turned it into a collage with various photos displaying my aesthetic and the overall style I wanted to create in my new room.


I chose all of these photos from Instyle magazines, but any fashion magazine generally works. When selecting which clippings to put on the board, I went with mostly simple black and white photos. Then, I chose about two or three pops of color to spice up the bulletin board, allowing eyes to be drawn to these specific clippings. In order to get a genuine collage feeling, I found a few quotes and words in my collection of magazines to include on the board. On the other hand, I kept to photos of people, because personally, I find these photographs to be the most captivating and beautiful. Remember, this project should reflect you, so be sure that you love the pieces on your board.


After I found the photos that suited my personality and style the best, I laid them out on the bulletin board, making sure that there was close to no space in between them. Personally, I liked the structured geometric layout the best, but feel free to experiment by overlapping photos or leave more space in between them. Once I was satisfied with my layout, I pinned the pictures to the cork board using tacks. I painted this bulletin board purple when I was younger to match my room, but feel free to paint your board any color you want!


Be creative!

xo, M.




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